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Early Elective Delivery Infant Safety Program Recognized 
The national healthcare insurance provider Aetna recently recognized Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake for its commitment to early elective delivery infant safety.

The fairly new initiative was created to assist Aetna in selecting facilities whose policies and procedures address the risks posed to infants who are electively delivered prior to 39 weeks. Through the new program, Aetna offers public recognition to facilities that have demonstrated a serious commitment to infant safety by establishing safety guidelines for electively scheduled deliveries prior to 39 weeks and implementing quality improvement programs.

“We are proud that Aetna has recognized our ongoing work in this area,” says Molly Foster, RN, director of Women’s Services at Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake. “We recognize the serious risks that an early elective delivery can pose and feel strongly about protecting infants from those unnecessary risks, which can include both health and developmental problems and which often require care in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).”

With this recognition, Doctors Hospital will also receive a special designation as participating in the Elective Delivery Infant Safety Program on Aetna’s online directory.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, please call 214-324-6497.
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