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Minimally Invasive Hysterectomies 
Monday, 24 October 2011 

Every year, approximately 600,000 American women undergo hysterectomies. The procedure to remove a woman’s uterus is the second most common surgical procedure performed in the United States on women of child-bearing age, and one in three women will have had one by age 60.

Hysterectomies can treat a number of medical issues — endometriosis, cancer, excessive uterine bleeding, uterine prolapse, chronic pelvic pain — and can also be performed several different ways. While a traditional abdominal hysterectomy requires a long incision to the abdomen, Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake also offers a laparoscopic, minimally invasive version of the procedure.

“We are always looking to offer the women we serve some of the best options available. Women may find several benefits from having a minimally invasive hysterectomy,” said Ronald Bristow, M.D., an OB/GYN on the medical staff at Doctors Hospital. “The laparoscopic procedure involves a much smaller incision than the traditional hysterectomy surgery, and patients also experience less post-operative pain and a faster recovery time.”

“Laparoscopic surgery requires special training, experience and equipment, so not all surgeons are skilled to perform it,” adds James Schermerhorn, M.D, OB/GYN on the medical staff at Doctors Hospital. “We’re proud that we can offer this important option to our patients — it’s yet another illustration of our strong commitment to quality patient care available at Doctors Hospital.”

For more information on minimally invasive hysterectomies, call 1-800-887-2525 for a referral to an OB/GYN on the medical staff at Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake.


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