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Blood Management Program 

You may want to discuss your wishes for future care or get specific answers to your questions. It is important to plan ahead for emergencies! Our Program Coordinator will be glad to talk with you privately. We are happy to send you information regarding upcoming bloodless medicine seminars. To find out more information about the Blood Management Program, please call the Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake at 214-324-6129.

The Blood Management Program is committed to meeting the needs of our patients, including those who prefer or require options for bloodless therapy. Our commitment is to provide skilled teams of surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists and technicians who fully understand and support bloodless medical and surgical services.

Program coordinator
The Blood Management Program Coordinator can help take care of your personal and family needs. The coordinator explains all medical procedures and options and remains in contact with you from the first inquiry to actual discharge from the hospital.

For a complimentary physician referral, please call 866-825-0701.

Attend a free seminar
Join Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake for a free seminar to discuss facts you need to know about bloodless medicine and surgery. The seminar will include education on available blood alternatives, blood management procedures and the risks and benefits of bloodless medicine. Learn the terminology and issues you should understand to make an informed decision about your health care choices and assistance on how to complete an Advance Medical Directive.

Call 866-825-0701 to reserve your seat at our next free seminar.

Our mission
It is our mission at Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake to deliver safe, cost-effective care to the community and patients we serve. We always strive to provide the best and safest medical care possible.

What is “bloodless” medicine and surgery?
The Blood Management Program at Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake is for patients who desire medical care without the use of donor blood during medical and surgical procedures.

There are many reasons you may prefer a “transfusion-free” treatment method. You may have strong religious convictions that prevent you from receiving blood transfusions. Or you may have a personal preference against receiving donor blood due to the risk of blood-borne diseases or transfusion reactions.

The Program endeavors to minimize blood loss by utilizing special blood conservation methods and is available to any patient upon request.

Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake has assembled a multidisciplinary team of skilled physicians and surgeons committed to blood conservation. They use advanced blood conservation devices, pharmaceuticals and meticulous surgical techniques to minimize blood loss during medical or surgical intervention.

Are all “bloodless” medical procedures safe?
Advances in equipment and technology have allowed physicians and surgeons to safely and successfully perform a multitude of procedures, ranging from the routine to the complex – without blood transfusions.

What are the benefits?
Benefits include improved patient outcomes, possible reductions in complications and infections, faster recovery time and shorter hospital stays.

"Bloodless" means medical or surgical treatment without the use of banked (stored) allogenic blood or primary blood components.  Blood loss often occurs during surgery.  A bloodless program endeavors to minimize blood loss by utilizing special blood conservation methods.

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