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9440 Poppy Drive
DALLAS, TX 75218
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Bariatric Support Group 

The bariatric support group offered by The Surgical Weight Loss Center of Doctors
Hospital at White Rock Lake is dedicated to providing quality support to patients
undergoing bariatric surgery. The bariatric support group is committed to offering
an atmosphere of trust, honesty, thoughtfulness, and integrity. Our mission is to
provide a safe, effective, non-judgmental environment that facilitates information
and educational opportunities.

10:30 a.m. to noon

Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake
9330 Poppy Drive
West Tower Classroom Suite 206
(North Buckner Boulevard and Garland Road)

2013 Schedule
Saturday, October 26
Topic: Evaluating Problem Eating Behaviors and How to Improve with Strategies
Saturday, November 16
Topic: "Preparing for the Holidays: What's Your Plan for Success?"
Saturday, December 14
Topic: Holiday Party 

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