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Heart Attack Survivor's Story 

Jeanne Holms started her morning like any other day. She woke up to let her two little dogs, Mykie and Hercules, outside and began her daily chores. But as she began to finish her morning routine, she started not feeling well -- and the symptoms worsened very quickly.  Jeanne did not experience the typical signs of a heart attack that most people describe, such as chest pain or tightness.  But she knew something was not right and was worried she was having a heart attack. 

Jeanne called her daughter to tell her about the strange feeling. Her daughter encouraged her to hang up and call 9-1-1.  She quickly called  emergency services and was connected to the Mesquite Fire Rescue. They arrived on the scene within minutes and began providing life-saving measures. While en route to Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake, the EMS responders utilized a system called LIFENET® to send electrocardiogram data from the field to the hospital in advance of the patient’s arrival. This information was then shared among staff and physicians in the emergency department and cardiac catheterization laboratory who are on a specialized team that is activated to care for patients experiencing a STEMI, or ST-elevation myocardial infarction, which is a dangerous form of heart attack. Because STEMI poses a serious threat to the heart muscle, the faster patients receive treatment the more likely they are to have a positive outcome.

As she was lifted into the ambulance, Jeanne remembers the paramedic telling her that he let her dogs back in the house, locked all the doors, and placed her house keys in her purse that had been placed beside her on the stretcher. To her, those were the most comforting words. She was relieved to know that her precious dogs were safe inside and her house was locked up securely.

Jeanne is eternally grateful and appreciative of how everyone responded and worked so well together. “My entire experience with the 9-1-1 operator, Mesquite Fire Rescue paramedics, and the hospital staff and cardiologist could not have been handled any better. For a bad experience it was wonderful. Their prompt action saved my life,” says Holmes, a mother of three who has lived in Mesquite for 45 years.  “The Mesquite Fire Rescue team is the greatest in the world and my nurse at Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake was exceptional. I am very pleased with the care I received.”


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